Would you believe that the vast majority of accident and crash repairs happen in shopping centre car parks. So the next time that you go to the Pavillions Swords, Northside Coolock, Charlstown Finglas, Doneghemde, Omni Park Santry, Clontarf or the Artane Shopping Centre, try not to pick up and unforeseen door ding or car scratch.  The most common type of car accident repair is a car dent, followed by bumper scuff and car scratch repair. There’re some simple tricks that will allow you to minimise the risky trip to the shopping.

Park as far from the entrance as possible, the further you are from the entrance the less likely that someone will park close to you.

Parallel park, this means that no one can park to the right or left of you, this will minimise the chance of picking up car door dents.

Add car door defenders these are thin pieces of rubber which attach to your car doors, should your car door swing open, it will minimise any damage done to your or another car.

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