Have you been involved in a minor car crash, or did you wake up this morning with a vandal scratch on your car? the easiest thing to do is to contact Smart Repair for car paint repair. We can repair the damage to its original conditional and colour. Remember all our work comes with our guarantee.

If you want to know the correct techniques to repair small paintwork chips yourself, this is the process to follow when it comes to how to touch up car paint, along with some comparisons to the full Smart Repair process.

Car Scratch Repair Instructions

1. Ask yourself the question; are you happy to repair the scratch yourself?

Stays clear of large scratches, touch-ups are best kept to small to medium areas, to reduce the chance of making the damage worse.

2. Purchase the correct touch up paint and primer

The paint code for your vehicle is usually located on a sticker on the inside of your door, if not this information will be found within the owner’s manual or you can google where to find it. You may not be able to get a direct match for your car, especially with older models. The new paint may be noticeable compared to the old paint, just because of the way that colour ages. At Smart Repair, we are able touch precisely mix the paint required, to ensure a perfect match.

3. Prep the area

Use a cleaning solution to prep the area and to remove polish and wax.

4. Sand and prime

Use fine sandpaper to prepare the area for painting, paint will always adhere more readily to a rougher surface. Be careful not to remove too many layers. If there is metal showing, ensure a primer is used to cover this, making sure to keep it away from the paint itself. Primer will also stop any rust from forming under the new paint.

During this stage in a Smart Repair, we will have masked off all the surrounding areas and will carefully remove the paint altogether, to prime and repaint, giving a professional finish that blends in with the original paintwork.

5. Apply the paint

Use the fine brush to apply a small amount of paint in regular brushstrokes, only to the affected area.

It takes several days for paint to be fully dry, so be aware of this. With Smart Repair we use special, infra-red lamps and apply the paint in thin layers, drying each layer thoroughly, so the repair will be much more complete than if done as a DIY touch-in.

6. Once dry, finish with polish

You can then apply polish to the car to protect it and choose a suitable wax to keep it looking great. The repair job with Smart Repair is finished with a professional polish using a machine, to really get the paint glowing!

We hope this gives you some helpful pointers if you are considering touching up your car’s paint, as well as some advice as to when it’s best to have professional work done. If you’d like someone from Smart Repair to assess the damage on your car for scratch and provide a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch today.

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